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Last week a group of six internationally renowned street artists gathered together in Civitacampomarano, a town with about 400 inhabitants for the first edition of CVTà Street Fest curated by  Alice Pasquini and organised by Jessica Stewart.
The festival, that ran from Thursday, April 21 until Sunday, April 24, 2016, counted with the participation of Biancoshock (Italy), David de la Mano (Spain), Pablo S. Herrero (Spain), Hitnes (Italy), ICKS (Italy), and UNO (Italy).
Each of the six artists worked on walls made available by the community and in close connection to inhabitants of Civitacampomarano.

According to Alice, everything started with an email sent to her in 2014 by Ylenia Carelli, president of the Pro Loco “Vincenzo Cuoco”,  as an invitation to come to Civitacampomarano and paint the walls of the for long abandoned historical center. “I painted on old doors to remind us of what is no longer” explains Alice, “Many of the beautiful houses are empty now and over time so many people have left Civitacampomarano that the current population is only a little over four hundred inhabitants.” Alice’s personal attraction to the town wasn’t only from an artistic perspective, it also was her  grandfather’s birthplace.
As people in town grew affectionate of the artwork, street art became a new way to rediscover the abandoned center. This when the idea for the festival was born.

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Pablo S. Herrero © Alessia di Risio


Icks © Alessia di Risio


Uno © Alessia di Risio


Alice © Alessia di Risio


David de la Mano © Alessia di Risio


Hitnes © Alessia di Risio

All photos courtesy of Alessia di Risio  (Instagram @aisselador)


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