David de la Mano was until recently in Civitacampomarano, a town with about 400 inhabitants for the first edition of the CVTà Street Fest curated by Alice Pasquini and organised by Jessica Stewart.
According to the organisers, Street art was used as a framework to change the landscape of an evocative corner of the Italian region. One of the six participants was David de la Mano who created two evocative murals, La Ola (The Wave) and Destierro (Exile).
As in the rest of his work David de la Mano introduces us to a world of symbolic, mass human behaviour and condition through silhouetted characters – sometimes part human/part tree/animal bringing some mysticism to the street art scene.
I guess the murals can be explained on several levels of meaning, but my first thought went to the current massive migration to Europe and the difficulties of this dangerous journey.

DaviddelaMano_CVTAStreetFest_FotoAlessiaDiRisio_2 DaviddelaMano_CVTAStreetFest_FotoAlessiaDiRisio_3 DaviddelaMano_CVTAStreetFest_FotoAlessiaDiRisio_4 DaviddelaMano_CVTAStreetFest_1

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  1. scooj

    These are really unusual and spectacular. I love this kind of silhouette street art.