Spidertag_secuencias_minimas_2SECUENCIAS MÍNIMAS is Spidertag‘s new solo show in Madrid just opened a couple of weeks ago at Swinton Gallery with 23 works that include sculptural wallhangings, video, lights, logs, and a loads of bright red paint.
Spidertag, known for his geometrical and abstract artworks fashioned with yarn and nails, created for the occasion a new body of work that presents Spidertag’s facination for experimentation and the simplicity of form, dimension, and materials.
Making use of nails, wool yarn, found objects this artist installs interesting geometric abstractions often placed in beautifully lonely locations, hence the name “spider” referring to his love for abandoned places.

Press release:
Half-way between the big town and the countryside, between the urban and the rural environments, Spidertag offers a trip around his universe made up of straights lines, nails, dirt, hammers, wool, wood and paint.

Swinton Gallery presents in Madrid the first solo exhibition of this artist who since 2008 has been stretching the boundaries of street artwork through his travels around the world.  An unrelenting quest -in those forsaken nooks, on a lost summit or in a derelict village- for new ways of endeavour and taking over the space.

Between abstraction and geometry, between cinema and experimentation, between neon lights and fluoride sprays, SECUENCIAS MÍNIMAS sets the path for new directions which reflect upon the interests of this urban artist, always concerned about straight lines, composition and an unending diagonal row’s unsettling balance.

Secuencias Mínimas will runs until June 4 at the gallery located on C/ Miguel Servet 21 MADRID, Spain.
More info about Spidertag: facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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