Another artist participating of this years Jidar festival in Morocco is Spanish street artist DEIH who just finished this eye-catching mural painted at Jacob Mansoir in Rabat.
Titled ‘Cosmic Balance’ the new mural depicts one of DEIH’s characteristic cosmonauts trapped by a ‘sticky’ universe leaning backwards over the end of a cliff of ice whilst the sun goes in a furious myriad of reds and oranges.
Drawing inspiration from various media such as music, books and comics, DEIH transforms his own life experiences passing them through a sci-fi filter and creating images that work as condensed stories in order to visualise what’s happening to him. The images are charged by a certain ambiguity that trigger different reactions in us depending on our own standpoint in that particular moment.
‘Cosmic Balance’ doesn’t seem to be an exception. Here a few images courtesy of the artist.
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