Polish artist Michał Sepe just shared a few images of this new mural painted in occasion of his upcoming exhibition at Soon Gallery in Zürich.
Painted at a secret spot in Poland and titled “Selfie in the Circus”  the new piece is characteristic of Sepe’s work. Drawing inspiration from traditional graffiti movements, book illustration and his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz as well as graphic and poster design, Sepe’s work find a unique, expressive and captivating figurative language that captures the dynamics of modern society in his own distinctive way.
Lovely piece.
“Selfie in the Circus” is also the title of his upcoming show focusing on his particular and inquiring view of the world, transformed into a bittersweet journey across a still intriguing, absurd, and sometimes grotesque overloaded world, our own circus.

“Selfie in the Circus” opens on May 18 and will be on view until JUne 4 at the gallery located on Limmatstrasse 206
CH-8005 Zürich.

sepe_selfie_in_the_circus_Zurich_2 sepe_selfie_in_the_circus_Zurich_3

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