The popular French duo Ella & Pitr is back in their hometown Saint-Etienne in France where they recently finished giving life to another sleeping giant, this time on this facade located near the Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux train station.
The mural was titled ‘Le coup de pied à la lune’ (The kick to the moon), this work replaces the nude giant sitting on buildings painted back in 2011.
The 30 mts long mural took four days to complete and several liters of pain. It includes many references: the referee, taking up most of the wall, symbolises the importance of football for the city of Saint-Etienne; The moon being a reminiscent of Georges Méliès film ‘A trip to the Moon’, in this case an allegory to culture and art.

If you happen to be around the mural can be seen at the corner of rue Cugnot and rue Ferdinand in Saint-Etienne.

Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-2 Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-4 Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-5 Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-6 Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-7 Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-8 Ella-Pitr-Saint-Etienne-9
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