Croatian street artist Lonac was recently in Italy invited to take part of this year’s Memorie Urbane festival.
Titled ‘The Kiss’ and painted in that detailed figurative style that characterises his work, Lonac’s mural is part of an urban and artistic renewal project of the area known as Quinto Ponte in Cassino.
Known for his unique photo-realistic murals and impeccable technique, Lonac’s street art always has a powerful, deep message behind, making it easily recognisable making him a brilliant visual storyteller.
Here some images by Flavia Fiengo for Memorie Urbane.

Lonac_Cassino_memorieurbane_Photo_FlaviaFiengo_2 Lonac_Cassino_memorieurbane_Photo_FlaviaFiengo_5 Lonac_Cassino_memorieurbane_Photo_FlaviaFiengo_6 Lonac_Cassino_memorieurbane_Photo_FlaviaFiengo_7 Lonac_Cassino_memorieurbane_Photo_FlaviaFiengo_8

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