Nuria-Mora-036.w“Object in the Mirror are Closer than They appear” is Spanish artist Nuria Mora‘s first solo exhibition in France curated by Winterlong galerie in the charming town of Niort.
The Madrid-based artist is known for her abstract and colourful large-scale murals that often establish an interesting dialogue between architecture and art. The exhibition presents a series of works that reflect diverse influences such as graffiti, design and architecture and were created specifically for the Pillory, a sixteenth century building in Niort.

The experiences and impressions gathered from her surroundings give shape to a powerful body of work that becomes a metaphor for that life saving hand art represents for the artist. A sort of lifeline with which the viewer can interact from different points of view, reflecting and adopting in this way a different introspective stand point. With the « Boyas » (buoys) series Nuria Mora reflects on the meaning of art as a personal form for introspective therapy.

Nuria Mora’s work have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, such as the Tate Modern in London, The Joan Miró and Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona and Majorca, and the Contemporary Art Museum in Johannesburg.

She is also part of the « Equipo Plástico », a collective of artists with Sixeart, Eltono & Nano4814.

Winterlong gallerie
Nuria Mora

Images courtesy of the gallery.

Nuria-Mora-001.w Nuria-Mora-002.w Nuria-Mora-003.w Nuria-Mora-006.w Nuria-Mora-007.w Nuria-Mora-008.w Nuria-Mora-009.w Nuria-Mora-012.w Nuria-Mora-013.w Nuria-Mora-017.w Nuria-Mora-023.w Nuria-Mora-025.w-682x1024 Nuria-Mora-026.w Nuria-Mora-027.w Nuria-Mora-028.w Nuria-Mora-029.w Nuria-Mora-030.w Nuria-Mora-031.w Nuria-Mora-033.w Nuria-Mora-035.w

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