Titled ¨War impact in children lives¨ and painted recently in Manchester, England for the ¨Cities of hope¨ project, this new mural by Argentinian artist Hyuro speaks about the experience of thousands of children caught up in armed conflicts. The loss of their homes, sometimes their families and of course the consequent loss of innocence., or as expressed by the artist:

“Both armed conflict and violence that trigger affects the lives of many children in different parts of the world. In addition to the direct consequences of war and armed violence they are also indirectly affected by displacement, loss of family and trauma caused by the acts of violence they witness. This wall is intended to give voice to all the lost innocence, all children who are fighting for their own survival, unable, in front of the eyes of all, to live a childhood as they deserve.”

The Cities of Hope project developed by Vestige and is a not for profit social justice organisation that uses the Arts to inspire action on the social issues that define our time and support the work of agencies that champion these. (visit: www.citiesofhope.global)

All images © Henrik Haven

Hyuro_Manchester_Photo_©_Henrik_Haven_2 Hyuro_Manchester_Photo_©_Henrik_Haven_3 Hyuro_Manchester_Photo_©_Henrik_Haven_4

Author: Fran

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