Valencia-based gallery PlasticMurs opened last week a joint exhibition presenting the works of Rubenimichi and Seven Moods.
One thing the work of Rubenimichi and Seven Moods have in common is its seductive and mysterious character. Rubenimichi inspired by the occult symbolism of Saturn expressed in ‘Sol Negro’ (Black Sun)  and Seven Moods by women and of their alter egos as seen in ‘Similar Soul’.
As expressed by Roberto Salas, in Sol Negro ‘we commune with this dark, different and attractive knowledge, close to frivolity or to sadism, but also to the poetic, to the light and to what is inspiring. It is a contradicting and fascinating power full of chiaroscuro where we find rituals and young virginal goddesses and priestesses in Black Masses or Saturnalias, wrapped in romantic voluptuousness… In these paintings flowing like a torrent of occult imagery: the veil that covers and hides, the sickle, the Jimson weed, the little altars, the bones and all that is mortuary. The hexagon, the satanic triple six or the hexagram or six-pointed star, which is transformed to a perspective cube. But also the hexagon as the cell of the bee, representing secret societies. It is a cumulative game, yes but… Only a game? Or rather a language.’1
On he other hand we have the work of Seven Moods, presenting a body of work where the feminine figure thus becomes a living form, a breathing essence, a symbol of a universal human dimension as well as of an individual intellectual sensibility. According to the artist, women own multiple expressions; they can be mothers, lovers, saints, or, contrarily, devils, and as pointed by Alexandra Mazzanti, ‘their strongly emotional gazes tell us they are focused on some very personal thought. Almost all of the women represented, moreover, are crying. The tears falling from their faces act like a means for the artist to interact and connect with the beings in his works. However, these cries are not caused by suffering, but rather by a strong commotion felt in front of beauty – the beauty of nature in particular; alternatively, they are caused by a need to purify and to release themselves from negativity. An emotive tension dwells in each scene and revolves also around the other main elements of the composition: the geometric shapes and the animals.’2

Sol Negro and Similar Soul will be on view until July 29 at the gallery located on Calle Denia 45, 40006. Valencia, Spain – For more info contact:

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SOL NEGRO by Rubenimichi 

Similar Soul by Seven Moods


Author: Fran

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