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Here a new mural installation by Italian muralist and illustrator MP5 titled ‘Il Sabba delle Cagne / the Dog’s Sabbath’ and painted at the Cagne Sciolte in Rome.
According to the artist, the composition is inspired by the myth of HECATE Greek goddess of the crossroads. “Cagne Sciolte” is a trans queer feminist collective that three years ago occupied an ex nightclub that was shut down because of prostitution.
The idea behind the collective was the creation of an anti-violence helpdesk, but they also offer pole dance and language classes.
“Cagne sciolte” is an Italian expression to describe female dogs walking freely without a leash, but “Cagna” also means “bitch” in the more popular sense of the word which is another reason why the collective chose this name; in order to claim their pride of being determined bitches. The mural illustrates the strength expressed by the collective, better known for breaking into the Basilica di San Lorenzo al Verano, in Rome two years ago, in order to express solidarity with Pussy Riot and protest against Putin, holding a banner containing a sexual expletive in front of the altar

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