Nodo-Milu-Correch-Impronte-2016-Credits-Salvatore-Curcio (9)

Here a lovely mural painted by Argentinian artist Milu Correch for this year’s Impronte festival curated by the guys behind Collettivo Boca in Bonito, Avellino, Italy.
According to Correch, she got just one request for this mural: that it had to be about a Ferragamo shoe and femininity.
The result is “Nodo” an outstanding mural, that translates the concept of femininity into an image that highlights the beauty of everyday life and ordinary women.

Milu Correch is on Facebook | Website | Instagram
Images © Salvatore Curcio

Nodo-Milu-Correch-Impronte-2016-Credits-Salvatore-Curcio (19) Nodo-Milu-Correch-Impronte-2016-Credits-Salvatore-Curcio (3)

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