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The third edition of Altrove Street Art Festival is now over, but this year’s festival left behind a series of amazing murals and installations created under the concept Abstractism, Humanize Landscape in different places of Catanzaro, from the historical city center to the suburbs, inside abandoned buildings and as part of the natural landscape.
Ten artists, from Italy and abroad, were invited to take part of this new and ambitious project. One of them is Italian artist Alberonero who created this beautiful site-specific installation titled “Tre Colli” (Three Hills).

According to the artist, “Three hills” represents a provocation on the nature of the relationship between man and landscape in Calabria: the brutal choice of the grid and the poetics of the transparency of the colour create a mimicry between a human construction and the infinite possibilities of observation of nature, generating an unusual feeling that enhances the three hills and the continuous movement of the wind, historical symbols of the city of Catanzaro.
The soft curves, the spontaneous nature, the changing colours and the wind that constantly runs on these hills are enhanced and at the same time broken by a firm structure, rigid, human and transparent, which easily leads to the figure of the unfinished that in the years of speculation has invaded and tarnished the image of Calabrian natural spectacle.

The artists invited to take part of this year’s festival are: 2501 (IT), Alberonero (IT), Alexey Luka (RU), Aris (IT), CT (IT), Ekta (SE), Gue (IT), Nelio (FR), Domenico Romeo (IT), THTF (FR).

All images © Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz

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