ALTROVE III_2501_Detail2©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz

It’s been a while since I posted something about 2501 so here an update from his latest mural painted in Catanzaro, Italy for this year’s Altrove Festival.

‘A scinduta of Barracchi’ was a historical district in Catanzaro, erected immediately after the earthquake of 1832 with the construction of temporary housing in order to give shelter to people left homeless after the catastrophe.
Known for his experimental approach to painting, 2501 decided to emulate the speed of such an emergency situation making use of a quick freehand brush, enhancing the beauty of the pictorial gesture and playing with the light reflections and shadows from the surrounding buildings. “Scinduta” is part of the 2501’s “Dynamic Influences” started around  four years ago and a tribute to the historic district that now bears the name of via Mario Griego. Lovely piece of art.

Images © Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz

ALTROVE III_2501_Detail3©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_2501_Detail5©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_2501_Detail6©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_2501_Detail8©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz ALTROVE III_2501_Wall1©Angelo_Jaroszuk_Bogasz

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