ROA x Art United us in Kiev 1

Belgian muralist ROA, best known for his unique large-scale portrayal of local wildlife, was until recently in Ukraine where he painted this wonderful mural for the mural art project Art United us curated by Waone from Interesni Kazki, Iryna Kanishcheva and photographer Geo Leros,
As usual he discovers his animal subjects within each painting’s location. This particular mural depicts three rodents interacting with each other, native animals painted using spray paint and represented in their purest form. ROA explains his choice of depicting animals as follows: “When I travel, I try to paint the local species. So I’m always interested in the little scavengers and rodents and crazy animals that live with the people in the city, animals that are survivors.” Lovely addition to Kiev’s urban landscape.

All images © dronarium

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Author: Fran

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