“Sandwich” is a marvellous abstract mural by Argentinian artist Elian painted for the always amazing Walk And Talk festival in beautiful Ponta Delgada in Azores, Portugal.
According to Elian, his description of the mural isn’t about the composition of the artwork, but rather its location. The piece was painted on one of the side walls of one of many social buildings in the São Roque neighbourhood, a place that  despite its proximity to the beach and accessibility is considered as an area of low significance for Ponta Delgada. As noted by the artist:

“The relationship between social housings areas and the city has historically been a problem. The location and public transportation are essential for social inclusion and contradictorily this space has both features but with a defect, is located in a death space of the city better known as non-space.
Is an oppressive act insert the side of the highway and routes a lot of homes to live?
You can transform a dead space in a friendly place?
Reconditioning area enables the city to extend your horizons?
The effect of expanded space created by the ocean makes it easier to endure these condominiums?
“Sandwich” is the part of the middle,it  is the clash between man-made and the vastness of the ocean. It is that what has no explanation. It is a vibrant empty space that bothers the common citizen.”

What do you think?

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