Italian artist Fabio Petani sent over a few images of his latest work in Mantua, Italy created for the Without Frontier Project, an event that counts with the participation of Fabio himself, Corn79, Etnik (covered) and Vesod.
Fabio Petani’s work represents a refined balance between organic forms, geometry and lettering, adding patches of ruddy colour into a disordered harmony that favourises symbolism and abstraction.
The two works created in this occasion are SCANDIUM & AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA (image above) painted at an abandoned military base and CADMIUM & NELUMBO ADANS & PTERIDOPHYTA painted for the Without Frontier’s Project where Petani makes use the Lotus flower so typical of Mantua’s lakes as well as shapes that can resemble the arches of the Palazzo Ducale, one of Mantua’s architectural treasures built between the 14th and the 17th century mainly by the Gonzaga family as their royal residence in the capital of their Duchy,

Still curious? have a look at Fabio Petani’s website



Author: Fran

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