2501_Abstraction of San Girolamo_Amaroni

Italian artists 2501 and G Loois visited recently Amaroni, a small village in the hinterland of Catanzaro in Italy invited to take part of the “Amaroni Guarda Altrove”, a project organised by ALTrove Festival and curated by Edoardo Suraci.

Painted in the heart of the historical center of the village, the two pieces represent a fantastic and respectful contribution that inserts contemporary urban painting into the preexisting architecture and cultural landscape.

On one side we have G Loois’ mural, titled “Contemple” and was painted close to the Santa Barbara Church. The piece has been described by the organisers as an elegant artwork that enhances the beauty and the graceful motion of a woman’s body, and of course the metaphysical character of the composition. On the other side yet another great mural by 2501 that studying the surroundings and history of the place decided to highlight what is left of an other ecclesiastical building, the church of San Girolamo.

“There is no Elsewhere (Altrove) without what is different. No identity without traditions.” – ALTrove

G Loois_Contemple_AmaroniGLoois_Amaroni_Dett_1 GLoois_Amaroni_Dett_2 2501_Amaroni_Dett_1 2501_Amaroni_Dett_2 2501_Abstraction of San Girolamo_Amaroni

Author: Fran

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