bannerToday is the opening of US legend Jeff Gillette‘s first ever solo exhibition in Scandinavia at the former Reed Projects Gallery, now Nuart Gallery and Project Space.

Considered an inspiration for Banksy, Jeff Gillette, a Fine Art Masters graduate from California State University, has been making collages featuring accoutrements of Disney culture for over two decades, being recently in the spot light after his participation in Banksy’s 2015 Bemusement Park, Dismaland.
Despite the seriousness of his observations, Gillette sees ironic and amusing juxtapositions that occur when Disney, corporate logos, and pop icons from consumer culture show up as building blocks of shanty settlement construction. His works reflect these ironies as well as add a playful dimension to art historical relationships: the addition of pop cultural references serving to sharpen the satirical stance of the message in his work, where everything is otherwise entropic and terrifying.

Titled ‘Dismayland Nord’, the exhibition will feature fifteen unique canvases as well as the release of an exclusive print in two different sizes.

Dismayland NORD, will be on view at Nuart Gallery in Stavanger, Norway, from September 9th through October 1st, 2016. The preview is scheduled for September 8th from 7pm to 10pm. We are attending, are you? you should!

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Author: Fran

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