Wherever you are now, September is high season for interesting events and Paris isn’t the exception. This Saturday, September 17 opens Sickboy’s newest solo show at Galerie Le Feuvre.
With ‘A Small Matter of Life and Death’, Sickboy unveils the French edition of his Life and Death sculpture as well as a set of news paintings, monotypes and screen prints.

About Life and Death:
Life and Death is a 3D coffin sculpture by Sickboy made in resin and created in an edition of 10..
Each copy is unique, with its back hand painted. This pink/ turquoise/ black and blue version represents the exclusive French version of the coffin. The artist’s famed Coffin character has featured in paintings since 2010, bearing the grinning face and appendages which tip their hat to visual cues from cartoonists such as Max Fleisher.
The smiling coffin invites us to reflect about life and dead and urge us to enjoy every moment in life. As stated by Sickboy “There’s little point for me living both comfortably and horizontally with the warm glow of a television beaming on to your face. To put yourself at risk socially, mentally or physically puts notches on the bedposts of life – pushing that idea to an extreme, you can come closer to look at the notion of death and laugh in it’s face. If you’re lucky, you can walk away with an increased gratitude for your life.”

A Small Matter of Life and Death opens from September 17 – October 1st, at Galerie LE FEUVRE located on 164, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris.
Opening and signing on Saturday, September 17, from 2 pm

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Author: Fran

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