After a beautiful first wall in London last week (here), Axel Void is back in the streets with this new mural based on a quote from one of my favourite books from when I was a teenager; Hermann Hesse’s ‘Steppenwolf’. The text reads as follows:

“ For what I always hated and detested and cursed above all things was this contentment, this healthiness and comfort, this carefully preserved optimism of the middle classes, this fat and prosperous brood of mediocrity.” 

The mural, curated by Unite 5 Gallery in London, addresses the numbness of our modern society and the discomfort some of us feel when confronted to what Hesse calls toneless, flat, normal and sterile life.

axel_void_london_2 axel_void_london_3 axel_void_london_4 axel_void_london_5 axel_void_london_6 axel_void_london_7 axel_void_london_8 axel_void_london_9

Author: Fran

Founder and editor of Urbanite. Street Art lover who after the finishing her MA thesis on the muralist movement in the 1920-50s, developed a fascination for street art and graffiti that eventually led to collaborations with different art blogs, including the creation of this one.