A few days ago published Polish artists SEPE and CHAZME images of their last mural painted in occasion of theSzines Varos Festival in Budapest a one-month-long cultural event that revolves around the beautification of the city with amazing street-art.
This year, the festival’s main focus is on such themes as the city, water, and the Olympics something that Chazme and Sepe translated into this beautiful mural titled “Blue in Green” showing Sepe’s characteristic stylised figures sitting or just walking around Chazme’s brutalist structures semi-submerged and floating in what appears to be a pool or maybe just the bottom of the sea where the water turns from aquamarine to turquoise. Beautiful piece.

chazme_sepe_budapest_2 chazme_sepe_budapest_3 chazme_sepe_budapest_4 chazme_sepe_budapest_5 chazme_sepe_budapest_6 chazme_sepe_budapest_7



Author: Fran

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