johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-01German visual artist and muralist Johannes Mundinger was recently in Münster, Germany in occasion of the “HBF 2016“, a group exhibition curated by Maike Brautmeier that displays site specific works by ten artists around the local train station.
Resembling the surrounding architecture and vibrance of the place,‘Transit’ speaks about the nature of the place, a busy environment where a wide spectrum of society meet. The artist explains the piece as follows:

‘The train station is a place filled of life, a place where numerous stories meet. First class travelers, homeless people, busy families – it´s the place where the whole diversity of society gets visible, melts and differentiates. My mural, Transit, is playing with its surrounding and is focusing on this diversity.’

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Work in progress pic by Katharina Tenberge.
johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-detail-01 johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-detail-02 johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-detail-03 johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-photo-by-katharina-tenberge1 johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-03 johannesmundinger-transit-muenster-04

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