amok-island-ravensthorpewestern-australia-3Dutch, Australian-based artist Amok Island completed recently one of his most ambitious project, probably one of Australia’s largest murals.
Spanning 25m high x 162m long, on three grain silos in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia, and commissioned by FORM and CBH Group. Six stages of Banksia baxteri’, as the mural was titled, took 31 days to paint. Each side of a silo depicts the different stages of the flowering cycle of this iconic Australian Banksia flower, only found in this area. From flower buds, to full bloom; to seedpods developing, drying out and opening. The animals portrayed in the mural are the species’ main pollinators; the Honey Possum and New Holland Honey eater.
The artwork encircles the three silo’s infinitely; the final silo marks the beginning once again, of the first, making a connection with the cycle of the seasons and grain farming processes the area is known for.
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Author: Fran

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