crb-101Italian artist Luigi Bianchi aka AAHM00 sent a few days ago some images from his last mural interventions painted during the past months at different locations around Italy.
AAHM00’s production revolves around the idea of change and spontaneity of the form always adapting to the spaces he paints and integrating the surfaces into the composition. Spontaneity is the key of his current work, the feeling and ephemerality of the moment that allow him to create compositions free from constraints and deeply connected with the work space. As described by the artist himself “[T]he images, the sounds and sensations of the moment, deeply affects the process and the appearance of the pieces created by myself. The final result are different alterations of the shape, sinuous elements that open and hatch,movements and contacts… A rapidly advancing and changing as a function of space and time, enriched by different tonal solutions. Movement.” Certainly an interesting approach to modern mural painting and contemporary art.

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