gola-hundun-altrove-1Italian artist Gola Hundun was one of the artists taking part of this year’s ALTrove Festival in Catanzaro, Italy for which he painted this new mural titled curated by Edoardo Suraci.
Titled “Risveglio” (Awakening) was painted on the wall belonging to the Istituto Comprensivo Statale Padre Pino Puglisi, a school named in honour of Padre Pino Puglisi also known as the antimafia priest, killed in 1993 by the Sicilian mafia.
As usual in the work of Gola Hundun delicate nature and bright colours seems to dominate the composition. According to the artist, the piece represents “the time of the awakening of the natural organisms which define the form of the circle, historical symbol of the cyclic nature. The shape of a deer stands out inside the piece symbolizing for the ancient cultures the meaning of the renaissance.”
I am not sure what Awakening has to do with Padre Pino Puglisi, but one thing is sure, it’s a lovely and delicate mural.

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