After his sold out exhibition ‘Law of the Weakest’ in London last summer, PEJAC is now back to the streets with a few extraordinary pieces created around the city of Rijeka in Croatia, as part of a two weeks residency with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
One of the most impressive pieces created in this occasion is probably “Camouflage“; a tribute to surrealist painter René Magritte and according to Pejac “a call to attention to nature’s survival instinct”. The piece consists on a series of bird silhouettes created using the cracked glass in the old windows of an abandoned power plant to form a flock of birds escaping from a boy holding a slingshot. As remarked by the artist, they blend in and disappear to the human eye for the sake of their survival. The piece can also be interpreted as a tribute to René Magritte’s sillhouetted birds.

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pejac-camouflagepejac-camouflage-croatia-detail-2 pejac-camouflage-croatia-detail-3 pejac-camouflage-croatia-detail

Brain Drain is also an excellent piece which, according to Pejac, represents humans as “drifting jellyfishes with complex minds” that are in many cases capable of inflicting pain to those who come across them. The piece can also be understood in a more literal way, as the process in which a country loses its most educated and talented workers to other countries through migration. By placing his brainy jellyfish close to a drain, he certainly highlights this last point.


The third piece created in this occasion has been titled Ashes to Ashes and was inspired by the fact that bear hunting tourism is on the rise in Croatia with num(murd)erous websites advertising for this kind of barbarian practice. Besides this fact, Pejac is convinced that despite the amount of animals that get killed for fun, nature will always persist. This is why he, instead of painting the wall, decided to scratch the surface in order to reveal the piece.

Maybe a slightly more pessimistic fact, but since the 1970s humans have eradicated half of the populations of some wild animals. The question is who/what is next?


pejac-ashes-to-ashes-croatia-detail pejac-ashes-to-ashes-croatia-1

All images by Pejac and Sasha Bogojev
Edited by Fran

Author: Sami

Sami is the founder and editor of Street Art United States, an online community that supports street artists. Sami has organized several legal street art murals in the Boston area and has hosted local and international artists who have contributed to the flourishing street art community in the city.

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  1. scooj

    These are extraordinary and original. I love the natural theme in industrial urban contexts. Beautiful.