pener_red_white_and_blue_1Polish artist Bartek Świątecki aka Pener sent a few days ago a few images of his latest work, two murals painted in Olsztyn, Poland where he currently works and lives.

Mixing abstraction and traditional graffiti, Pener’s work inserts him into a new real of modern urban art. His work cannot be seen without taking in consideration his past as a graffiti artist. With the time he developed a visual language that has become something universally communicative where bright colour transitions and overlapping geometric shapes play a central role. His work is characterised by fluid compositions with a style that has been simplified to its essence through straight lines and (often) pure colour transitions.
This is the case of “Part Animal Part Machine” and “Red White and Blue” recently painted in undisclosed areas around his hometown.

Red White and Blue


“Part Animal Part Machine” was also documented by @so.lokiss for the book ‘Graffiti Writing Expressions Manifestes’ ed. Hazanan. The book is available the French Amazon here.


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