Argentinian street artist and illustrator Hyuro was recently in Italy where she painted this thought-provoking mural for Verso Sud, a festival organised by the Italian association Lavorare Stanca in Corato, a town located in the Bari province of the Apulian region, in southeastern Italy.

Following the identity of this year’s festival focused on the concept of “Abandonment”, Hyuro decided to create a piece that (titled in the same way) could reflect on that very particular word in the shape of a dress, painted over a decaying facade in the heart of Corato’s historical centre.
As in the rest of Hyuro’s work, we are confronted with a discourse on femininity and womanhood. The dress is both comfortable and delicate, but it also stands out as a symbol of strength that represents not one, but all women.

Hyuro’s mural was also used as the backdrop for the staging of “Dissonorata”, a story of a young Calabrian woman who became pregnant without being married and later disowned by her family, as told by Saverio La Ruina. It is this text that served Hyuro as inspiration for abandonment.

This year’s concept. A small poetic text by Claudia Fabris.


C’è dentro un dono
ma non te ne accorgi mai
Deve essere una buona notizia
che si traveste malamente,
tanto da sembrare cattiva
È la sola spiegazione possibile
E infatti un anno dopo aver scritto questa definizione ho trovato:

hyuro_verso_sud_festival_2 hyuro_verso_sud_festival_3 hyuro_verso_sud_festival_4

Images © Antonio Sena via streetartunitedstates.com


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