Last week opened Willow Waltz, a solo exhibition by Chilean artist Pablo Benzo at BC Gallery in Berlin.
The exhibition comprises a series of paintings and sculptures that certainly reflect Benzo’s unique style. Something in between abstraction and naive figuration. His organic figures, that could remind us of plants and stylised flowers appear as static, but in a way that can recall the idea of being frozen in time.
Pablo Benzo’s work turns in this way the gallery space into a surreal wonderland where his creatures seem to become alive deliberately moved by a breeze. Like the slow movement of a waltz, his creatures fill the space with balance and harmony.

Pablo Diaz, also known as Benzo, is a Chilean painter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator currently living and working in Berlin since 2013. Pablo spent most of his youth doing graffiti and painting in the streets, followed later by a genuine interest in fine arts, expanding his repertoire and exploring new media such as acrylics and watercolour. His arrival in Berlin led to new challenges and experiences, specially with oil painting which soon became his new favourite medium. At this point he also started working with collage and ceramics, complementing and extending his visual imagery. Benzo is also a member of the Chilean WSDM Crew.

Pablo Benzo characterises his work as constructions of what he calls “confusing and unreal situations” where enigmatic creatures and empty spaces, sleepy plants and objects, are mixed with geometrical shapes, often without a defined perspective in the composition. His shapes, plants and creatures seem to suspended in time and space, adding a mysterious touch to each of his works.  Here are a few of them.

01-stay 02-willow-waltz 03symphony-of-dry-movements 05the-moth-in-the-cabinet 06slow-concert 07my-broken-heart s01silly-sentimental-stories s02-love-will-keep-us-together s03-deep-blue-season
Willow Waltz runs until February 11th at the gallery located on Libauer str.14, Berlin, Germany.
More about Pablo Díaz | Benzo on Website | Flickr |Instagram |Tumblr

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Author: Fran

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