As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, opened Italian artist Vesod Brero, Land(e)scape, a new solo show at Punto618 Art Gallery in Turin, consists in a series of new paintings that reflect the results of his latest artistic research and evolution.

Fascinated by Futurism since an early age and deeply influenced by his father, an Italian surrealist painter Dovillo Braro, Vesod has forged through the years a solid and unique style characterised by the use of stylised deconstructions of the human figure, staggered motion with focus on depicting optical and temporal space, and bright geometric abstractions, all reflective of that “eternal present”.

Mathematics and physics theories are part of the artistic development of  the Italian artist playing an important role in his work integrating futuristic dynamics and geometric shapes in order to represent space and time in three dimensions. He strives for his artwork to figuratively detach people from a sense of time using a classical style to create a prism effect and filter his artworks through patterns of spindly diamonds geometric, and creating shapes that represent an eternal present.

Land(e)scape intends to place the observer in what he calls a horizon of the events in order to show us a new reality, where time and space merge. This horizon of events is defined by the artist as “an unsurpassable limit in which an instant become eternity of our universe.” In his work, the physical presence of time is the only visual manifestation of the present; becomes becoming in this way eternity.

Land(e)scape runs through January 29th at the gallery located on Via Cesare Battisti 2 in Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy.

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Author: Fran

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