Street art legend El Mac published yesterday a few images, and the video above, showing his most recent mural painted for the city of Montreal.
Curated by Artgang Galerie the mural is a homage to feminine beauty and creative force, here represented by the artist as a sort fertility goddess wielding a glowing paintbrush, emanating light amongst verdant, leafy growth. El mac describes his work as “a devotional labor of love and neurotic perfectionism”, and well, I couldn’t agree more. The artist reflects about the idea of creativity as a masculine quality :

While procreativity is generally seen as a feminine characteristic, creativity is often perceived as intrinsically masculine, and one doesn’t need to be an art historian to recognise male domination of the visual arts throughout history. However, thanks to the early influence of my exceptionally talented and inspirational artist mother, I’ve always taken for granted the tremendous dual capacity in women for both creativity and maternity. Thus, from my own perspective, woman is truly the greatest creator of all and this piece speaks to that.
– El Mac

The mural was made possible thanks to the public art program of the Ville de Montréal, l’Arrondissement Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie, la Société de Développement Commercial de la Plaza St-Hubert, and Le Medley Simple Malt.

Video above by Eric Heights.
Music: ‘Pacification’ by La Nouvelle Frontière, recorded in Montreal in 1970

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Author: Fran

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