It’s been a while since I published a work from the duo StenLex, but here is one of their latest pieces.
Varco, as this diptych was titled, is according to the artists, part of a series of abstract works done in Sicily and it can resemble the image of a map where the boundaries determined by the drawing are opened by a breach that leads to the Consagra theatre.

The new wall is a very good example of Sten Lex’s recent artistic research that has led to a completely new approach to painting, using their renowned stencil poster technique. This technique is simple. They glue wall posters and cut out the stencil card directly on the wall. Finally, the matrix is ​​destroyed limiting its reproduction. Sometimes they leave traces of paper on the wall that gradually fall off the wall with the help of the weather, revealing the process of the work. Their technique speaks of movement and evolution.

Varco was made possible thanks to cultural adviser Giuseppe Zummo from the Cultural Activities and Planning Department, in collaboration with the ProLoco ‘Vanguard Dynamics’ and the collective ‘Company X Action’.

Images by StenLex except last one by


Author: Fran

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