On Thursday, February 16, the Italian duo Miaz Brothers will be opening Hazy state of affairs, a new exhibition at Wunderkammern Milan.

Currently living and working in Valencia, Spain, The Miaz Brothers (Milan, 1965 and 1968) started their careers traveling around the world and exploring different artistic techniques, including video, painting and photography. Today their innovative and original approach in portrait painting has achieved international recognition through their enigmatic and evocative artworks, in which the representation appears completely blurry and out-of-focus. Stimulating mnemonic and personal associations in the viewer’s mind, their work aims to engage our visual and cognitive perception.

“We look to provide a visual experience that activates our awareness, that compels the viewer to recognise and re-establish the limits of his or her own perception, to regain control of the real. The paintings invite us to always be able to take a considerable distance, to see the whole picture.”

With the solo show Hazy state of affairs at Wunderkammern Milan, their artworks become a metaphor of the contemporary society’s status, in which the truth of the events is dull and altered and it remains unintelligible. The Miaz Brothers’ aesthetic builds its basis on the inner workings of interpretation. It carries out a short-circuit between reality and imagination, certainty and doubt. The observer is attracted by the delicate and ethereal shades of colours, and at the same time s/he is invited to distance himself from the painting to synthesise the image. There are no lines delimiting the subject, nor the details which are typical of portraiture are recognisable. The artworks are simultaneously abstract and figurative and the observer is forced to interpret in a subjective way the image of a blurry truth. – Jacopo Perfetti

Miaz Brothers
Siblings in real life, Miaz Brothers have made a name for themselves in the art world by their radical approach on portraiture. Even though they had no experience in street art, they still decided to start using spray paint to create large-scale canvases and produce that blurred effect that defines their work. According to Miaz Brothers, with dematerializing the lines, the picture gains a substantial indetermination which skips any immediate reaction by the viewer and inviting us to use mnemonic associations instead for their own personal visual information encoding.

Miaz Brothers are not only winners of the prestigious 5th Arte Laguna Awards Painting section in 2011 and of the Amposta Museum of Contemporary Art International Biennial Prize in 2010, but they have also exhibited at Thetis in the spaces of the Arsenal of Venice and been presented in important galleries and international art fairs. The Miaz Brothers have also favoured unconventional exhibition spaces due to the potential of these locations to engage the public’s spontaneous reaction.

Hazy state of affairs opens on February 16 and runs through April 8 at the gallery located on Via Ausonio 1A, Milan (M2 and Bus 94 Sant’Ambrogio stop)

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Images courtesy of Wunderkammern gallery


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