Detroit-based artist Pat Perry spent recently 6 days in Napier, New Zealand, invited to paint a mural for Sea Walls, the PangeaSeed Foundation‘s public art program which intends to bring the oceans to the streets, educating and inspiring individuals and communities through ARTivism.

About The Mural

Titled “Reweave the unraveling world”, the new Pat Perry mural talks about hope. It depicts a boat sailing in a vast grey sea devastated by pollution and garbage. On board, there is a boy holding a pinwheel and a woman weaving a tapestry of a rather clean blue ocean.

The result is a clear contrast between a polluted world and a new clean one, based on alternative energies and respect for nature.
The mural is critical of the modern world, where the artist is trying to raise awareness of the pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing.

About The Artist

Pat Perry is an American artist and illustrator born in the Detroit area. He likes to spend his time drawing, painting, listening to music, reading and writing, even when he believes that fundamentally pictures speak louder than words.
In between showing his art from coast to coast or working with an assortment of clients, the artist tries to travel as much as possible. His client list includes The New York Times, Science News, VICE Magazine, Atlantic Records and Ogilvy NY.

About Sea Walls

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is PangeaSeed’s groundbreaking public art project that brings the oceans into the streets around the world.
The project involves some of today’s most renowned contemporary artists to create large-scale public murals that address pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing by forging a synthesis between public art, nature, and society. Sea Walls aims to engage with the local community to foster a sense of pride and ownership for the murals, and above all, for the health of their local marine ecosystems.

About PangeaSeed Foundation

PangeaSeed Foundation’s mission is to harness the power of art, science, and creativity to generate awareness and stimulate dialogue to inspire and effect positive change surrounding global ocean environmental issues. PangeaSeed Foundation aims to unify and connect individuals around the world, opening a dialog to share ideas and develop a better understanding of our connection with the oceans. PangeaSeed Foundation believes that art, design and new media can transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries, inspiring positive global change. PangeaSeed collaborates with today’s most influential creative minds to help give the oceans the voice they so desperately need.

This article was first published by its author Sami Wakim on Street Art United States.

Pat Perry: web | facebook | instagram
PangeaSeeds Foundation: web | facebook | instagram

Author: Sami

Sami is the founder and editor of Street Art United States, an online community that supports street artists. Sami has organized several legal street art murals in the Boston area and has hosted local and international artists who have contributed to the flourishing street art community in the city.