Spanish artist Sebas Velasco was one of the participant artists at this year’s The Crystal Ship in Ostend, Belgium.
Titled “Gie zie mien zeekapiting” the new mural is a large portrait of Argentinian artist Pastel, wearing the t-shirt of a local football club and painted near the stadium. In the background we see the evocative image of the city at night, its lights and building emerging from them, provide the scene with mystery and melancholy.
Not unlike the rest of his work, the new mural was created using a photographic and expressive “brush stroke” that reveals the artist’s academic training and technique. His works are an invitation into everyday moments where strangers, and familiar figures like Pastel, are caught in specific moments and where darkness plays an important role in the composition.

Images by Ian Cox

About the artist

Sebas Velasco. Photo: Geo Leros

Sebastian Velasco Navarro aka Sebas Velasco, born in Burgos, Spain in 1988, began painting graffiti in 2004 in his hometown. After a while he decided to move to Bilbao where he graduated in Fine Arts at University of País Vasco (UPV/EHU) and later Masters Degree in Painting from the same institution. It was during this period that his style was in many ways defined.
As mentioned above, Velasco’s style is characterised for an intimate approach to his characters, they are caught in a moment of intimacy and portrayed against the darkness and melancholy of the city. The style could remind us of the nocturnal paintings of Rembrandt were the main characters invade the viewer space, and vice versa, making us become part of the scene.

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Author: Fran

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