Argentinian artist HYURO is one of the participant artists of this year’s The Chrystal Ship street art festival in Ostend, Belgium.

Untitled as usual, the new mural is according to HYURO inspired by the situation behind the Belgian state which, as a European nation, contains and is divided by, a language boundary between Latin-derived French and Germanic Dutch.

The piece depicts the image of a woman, of which we only see her arms covered by a delicate blouse, while she tries to put together the pieces of a broken jar. As expected, this new piece speaks about both strength and fragility. When describing the piece, HYURO explains the Belgian state solution as “an inconstant integral situation that lives every day to the limit of disintegration.” The description of the meaning of the mural goes on as follows:

“Separated into two irreconcilable linguistic communities, with different cultures, along with old ethnic discords and other stories are the basis of the crisis of this fragmented country. Researchers said that Belgium is the country that was the longest time without consolidating its own government, paradoxically it is considered the capital of the European Union. The image shows a person recomposing a broken pottery, it will be unthinkable to return it to its original state, we also do not know how much it would be able to take once recomposed, not even how much it will be able to resist. This wall speaks about the fragility of life in all its aspects.¨- Hyuro

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About the artist

Tamara Djurovic, better known as HYURO, is an Argentinian painter and illustrator currently living and working in Valencia, Spain.

Her powerful compositions blend socio-politics aspects of everyday life with a distinctly surrealist sensibility. Her creative universe is based in the female figure. Her women are both mothers, caretakers and housewives, that devoid of an identity, carry the weight of the patriarchal societies and capitalistic systems that has been imposed to them.

All images by Ian Cox

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