Italian artist ETNIK was recently in Turin where he recently created this new mural curated by Square23 Gallery.

According to the artist, the new mural, titled “Duel”, intends to depict the contrast between urbanism and nature by introducing organic elements along with his signature abstract and metaphysic urban landscapes.
As seeing earlier, ETNIK continues his explorations dedicated to the study of the city, part of his ongoing project “Prospect Cities”, characterised by a methodical approach to the urban landscape and painting that has defined his style and imagery during recent years. The focus is as usual on an interesting mix of architecture, graffiti and illustration, where he juxtaposes structures and perspectives of a deconstructed urban environment, just to reassemble them again in order to express its essence.

About the artist

Born in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden, he currently lives and works in Florence, Italy. ETNIK became part of the graffiti scene in the early 1990s, since then his production has undergone countless evolutions reaching his current aesthetics characterised by the representation of the urban landscape as abstract agglomerations that evolve into 3D representations and peculiar constructions.
In 2009 ETNIK founded with Duke1 the group Bunker108, which currently cooperates with public administrations to organise numerous kinds of artistic events. In 2013 he exhibited his work at the MUBE in Sao Paulo (Brazil), which was followed by shows in Paris, Düsseldorf, Turin, San Francisco, Nice, Chicago, Monaco.

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Author: Fran

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