Next Wednesday, on May 10, Wunderkammern gallery in Milan will be opening a joint exhibition featuring the work of Italian artists Joys and Peeta.

The exhibition, consisting of works on glass by Joys, mixed media paintings by Peeta, and a few collaborative canvases, is centred on the vices and ways of being that, repeated in time, become automated responses, habits. The exhibition, titled My good old habits, aims to establish a dialogue in which Joys and Peeta confront their respective artistic and aesthetic research, as a metaphor of their own habits and ways of being. The two artists prove that, despite the differences, and mostly thanks to them, it is possible to reach to a perfect synthesis of their artistic styles.

My good old habits opens on Wednesday, May 10 and runs through June 10 at the gallery located on Via Ausonio 1A, Milan, Italy.

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Joys (Padua, 1974) started his career as a writer in the ‘90s, focusing his research on lettering. Over time the letters have gone through a change which has transformed them in veritable visual structures, with an almost architectural coherence. His abstract compositions engage the observer and generate multiple perceptions.


Peeta (1980) lives and works in Venice. Studying sculpture and industrial design, the artist has elaborated a tridimensional painting in which the lettering acquires volume. His abstract figurations are extremely fluid and dynamic, a reflection of the artist’s personality and feelings.


Author: Fran

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