Pastel at Trosterud skole in Oslo. Photo © Inga Lise Nordlys

Argentinian artist Francisco Díaz, also known as Pastel, was until recently in Norway invited to paint a large-scale wall at Trosterud skolen in the Alna neighbourhood in Oslo.

Organised by a parent work committee that wanted bring life to the school area, the new mural covers the entire wall of the Haugerudhallen, being visible from the street.

Although there are already plans to do something about the entire school building, it is a long process and they wanted to do something right away. This is when according to Liv Mork, the leader of the project, they got the idea of using the school’s wall to bring life and colour to the establishment.(source)

The idea was to create something that could be representative and could appeal to everybody, but specially the kids. And they did, they contacted Díaz, who used the local flora as main inspiration source and brought in this way nature into the urban environment of the school with this beautiful mural.
Gracias Francisco!

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Author: Fran

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