Turin-based artist Luca Ledda is now in Brazil where he recently finished a couple of murals for the “Latinta Mural” project curated by Brazilian muralist Fredone.
“Latinta Mural” is an art residency carried on inside the favelas of Serra Dourada and Inhanguetà in the city of Vitória, the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.
Favelas, Portuguese for slum, are low-income historically informal urban areas in Brazil with limited access to widespread cultural activities. According to the artist, the goal of the project is to involve the people of the district to approach in a different way in the world of art.
For the occasion, Ledda painted two murals, ‘Power of Nature’ and ‘Sleepy City’, inspired by his first impressions of the city and the life in the favelas. Here a few images of the works.

Author: Fran

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