Sicilian street artist GUE sent a few images of his last mural painted in occasion of the Cufù OFF project in Licata, Sicily.

Promoted by the Italian association Cufù in collaboration with the project “Niente cambia niente” (Nothing changes nothing), and with the support of the Municipality of Licata, the new mural intervention inaugurates the Cufù OFF event, the first outside the borders of its original location, Castrofilippo, located about 90 kilometres southeast of Palermo in Sicily.

As explained by GUE, the project aims, not to beautify the city, but to create a dialogue between the artwork, its surroundings and the public. The idea is therefore to stimulate a process of “opening and contamination between the social and architectural fabric of a place through specific interventions”, by proposing projects closely related to the environment and the context that welcomes them.

This is the case of this new mural by GUE, that located in the historic district of Licata, “la Marina”, interacts with its surroundings in a playful way, always as part of an open dialogue with the surrounding architecture and environment.

Images courtesy of the artist by © Guttæ

The Associazione culturale “Cufù” has been working in Castrofilippo since 2014, seeking to pursue goals such as urban regeneration and social regeneration. The basics of their research are based on the interpretation of concepts that go to the definition of art, or rather to artistic intervention, not as an element of the urban scene, but as a process that promotes a multidisciplinary dialogue between architectural, urban and Landscape, thus excluding the functional autonomy of the work. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to pass, stop and enjoy their surroundings.

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Author: Fran

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