The guys from Nuart in Stavanger, Norway just launched a new video featuring Bergen-based street artist Naeem Searle, also known as NIMI while he candidly talks about his latest mural, “The Last Traveler”, featured here a few weeks ago.
As explained by the artist, the traveller pays tribute to all those who where displaced by the devastating Nepalese earthquake back in April 2015.

The piece has also been described as the story of a journeyman – or woman in this case – who bears the weight of the past on their shoulders. The mural depicts a female character heavily laden by elements of her culture and identity as well as elements of both the man-made and natural worlds – telling the story of her origins and her journey. Like many of those currently caught in the global migration crisis however, this traveler’s final destination is unknown.

Originally from South Africa, NIMI is an architect and street artist based in Bergen, Norway who likes to experiment with a variety of techniques, mediums and creative processes in his finely detailed murals and paintings, like the one we see here.

The video was directed, edited and shot by Sondre Oldereide Michaelsen/Cloud Saurus.



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