Berlin-based artists Johannes Mundinger and Sophia Hirsch were recently touring through Europe where they visited four cities; Beograd (Serbia), Cracow (Poland), Kehl (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) and exhibited at KM8/Urban Incubator, a space founded by Goethe Institute Beograd in Beograd, Serbia. The murals and the exhibition were realised as part of the artists Between Stopovers project, where the documentation of the artist’s journey also becomes its conceptual frame.

Through their work the artists rise questions of what defines a city, how it develops an identity, and how this is constituted. The murals, and the exhibition are part of this vision. Collage-like compositions that inspired by the surrounding urban landscape express the many facets and the simultaneity of the stories of this city. The abstract language of Johannes Mundinger meets Sophia Hirsch’s figurations breaking each others scheme and presenting a more personal vision of the city and their experiences in it.
these image areas and contemplate more individual, more personal moments. In this constant discourse, the artistic duo is struggling with their own composition, pushing each other, almost clustering and overlapping the diverse possibilities of the observations made in a city.

The project was supported by the Goethe Institute Belgrad, Kulturbüro Kehl, neurotitan, Galerija KM8, Urban Incubator Beograd, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki Cracow.

Beograd, Serbia  

Exhibition at KM8/Urban Incubator

Exhibition at KM8/Urban Incubator

Exhibition at KM8/Urban Incubator




Mural at Kvaka22


Krakow, Poland

Mural painted for the cultural center Małopolski Ogród Sztuki.

Kehl, Germany

Mural painted for Club Voltaire / Kulturbüro Kehl

Vienna, Austria

Mural painted at Nordbrücke, Vienna

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Sophia Hirsch website | Instagram |Facebook


Author: Fran

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