A few days ago I got a few images of this new mural by Spanish artist and muralist Joaquín Vila aka ‘Juako’ painted in Villaherreros, a small town in Palencia, Spain.

When looking at this piece, the first thing that crossed my mind was its almost archeological look.  However, the work is according to the artist, a representation of the identity of the region of  Tierra de Campos (“Land of Fields”), a large historical and natural region or greater comarca that straddles the provinces of León, Zamora, Valladolid and Palencia, in Castile and León.

Using an earth colour palette of delicate browns, Joaquín Vila introduces representative elements of the nature, landscape and culture into the composition. The mural shows the image of a bird characteristic of the area known as Avutarda (Otis tarda) and other elements such as the old wine cellars, cereal fields or the anvil as a symbol of the farrier tradition of the town. The piece was painted with house paint and spray, on the back wall of town’s “fronton”.

Joaquín Vila ‘Juako’, is a muralist and illustrator of Madrid, Spain whose work focuses on the research around the relation between human beings and the natural world, and the revitalisation of rural and natural areas.
He has been travelling around the world creating murals and working on mural painting workshops for children and young people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion in Spain, Germany, Morocco, Colombia and Jamaica.

For more about Joaquín Vila visit: website | facebook | Urbanite


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