A few days ago I got a images of this new mural by Polish street artist Bartek Świątecki also known as Pener, painted in his hometown Olsztyn in Poland.

Titled “FLORA”, the new mural represents an interesting development in Bartek’s work where the usual intersecting shapes and transitions between colours become softer as they melt almost imperceptibly into each other.

As in the rest of his work we find in this new piece a delightful mix of abstraction and traditional graffiti, a style that has made him gain international recognition through contemporary movements like Graffuturism and Abstract Graffiti, inserting his work into a new real of modern urban art with abstract tendencies.
In his oeuvre, Bartek develops fluid compositions with a style that has been simplified to its essence through straight lines and (often) pure colour transitions, a style that has become something universally communicative.
Using mainly primary colours, sharp angular shapes inserted in a well-balanced and dynamic composition, the artist manages to give shape to an interesting and complex composition that forces the viewer to explore and navigate the painted surface.

Images © Darek Brodows.

Bartek Świątecki aka PENER (born in 1981) is a Polish multimedia artist whose work ranges from traditional painting to murals, animation and site specific installations.
Mixing abstraction and traditional graffiti, high art and youth culture, modernism and skateboarding, his work revolves around geometric groupings and angular forms with references to futuristic architectural design. The apparent slickness of Świątecki’s productions is often at odds with the decayed settings the works are placed in. The visual language used in these pieces gives a glimpse in to a brave new world of graffiti and fine art cross over. It’s a world where graffiti writers are as happy to quote from De Stijl as they are Wu Tang.
Pener, who currently lives and works in Olsztyn, Poland, graduated In 2006 he graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń. He became part of the graffiti art scene in 1996, eventually developing his own and characteristic visual language.
He currently works as an art teacher in his hometown.

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Author: Fran

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