Australian artist Guido van Helten was recently in Italy invited to take part of this year’s FestiWall in the charming city of Ragusa in Sicily.

Entitled “Waiting”, the new mural is according to the artist inspired by the city of Ragusa and specifically the ‘Marsala’ neighbourhood, a meeting point for several generations, but especially for teenagers who meet here daily to play, talk and spend time. As explained by van Helten, the title “Waiting” is a reflection on all the different and varied emotions typical of this particular moment of life, life and growth, discoveries and love, and this new mural represents a lovely representation of this. Here a few images of the work by Marcello Bocchieri and the artist.

Here is the class ‘Terzo B’ from the school Liceo Umberto Classico adding their names to the walls of the Marsala which have been covered in the writings of young people over the generations. These writings form part of the artwork at its base. 

Guido van Helten
Part visual artist, part anthropologist, Guido Van Helten, 29, is an Australian contemporary artist dedicated to paint large-scale, site-specific mural works. His subjects are black and white and sepia toned portraits, like old photographs that speak of the history and stories of the places and people he visits.

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Author: Fran

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