Vesod for Draw the Line in Campobasso, Italy.

Turin-based artist Vesod Brero was recently in Campobasso, Italy invited to take part of this year’s edition of the Draw the Line street art festival, that earlier this summer brought to us an incredible piece like BLU’s La Cuccagna, followed by two other stunning murals by Made514 (Padova), Macs (Lanciano) and now Vesod.

Called “Lights on the horizon”, Vesod’s new mural portrays a young woman sitting on a wooden chair and holding a light bulb between her hands. The image of the woman dominates the landscape also made part of the composition. Slightly defragmented, she seems to be lost in a very specific moment immersed in the light. As in the rest of his work, the realistic depiction of the woman stands in stark contrast with the geometric environment around her, offering an interesting illusion of three-dimensionality and infinite space. The new piece reflects the artist’s own research and evolution, exploring the dimensionality of the canvas through geometric forms and figuration.

Fascinated by Futurism since an early age and deeply influenced by his father, an Italian surrealist painter Dovillo Braro, Vesod has forged through the years a solid and unique style characterised by the use of stylised deconstructions of the human figure, staggered motion with focus on depicting optical and temporal space, and bright geometric abstractions, all reflective of that “eternal present”.

Vesod for Draw the Line in Campobasso, Italy. Vesod for Draw the Line in Campobasso, Italy. Vesod for Draw the Line in Campobasso, Italy. Photo: Dan Dinucci

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Author: Fran

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