Francisco Bosoletti is a young Argentinian street artist known for his large-scale murals, his poetic imagery and interesting artistic research and experimentation, and who during the past year, has been working on what he calls the ‘Ultraviolet” project.The ultraviolet project consists in a new technique developed using ultraviolet paint and where the final result can only be fully appreciated by using a filter to look at it. The  idea behind the project is, according to the artist, to make us aware of the fact that reality has many sides. Painted this way, his murals are invisible until we look beyond what is evident and we start looking at what otherwise goes unnoticed for us.

“Cuerdas” is a continuation of this work and was painted a few weeks ago for the Urban Myths project organised by Urban Signal in Minsk, Belarus. The mural shows the image of a heart and is based on a text by Giuseppina Ottieri. The poem goes as follows:
‘I am son of the Earth and the Starry Sky,
suspended in the colour of the Firmament.
I have arrived at the well-built housings in the heart of Europe.
I have left behind the white tree in whose shade souls are cooled in the river of oblivion
My mouth quenched its thirst in the fresh fountain of Remembrance.
My voice vibrated shaking the silence
My music made breasts tremble
I have broken the laces that tighten a stunned life
I have wanted and sought suffering provided that I can find a meaning
I only found passion in the heartbeat of a hug’

Photo: Roman Protasevich
About the project:
Urban Myths – is an international “street-art plain air”, which is held in Minsk (Belarus). In the project’s boundaries street artists create the concepts of their murals based on a learning of local socio-cultural context. There is a history, which is worth to become a new myth in Minsk, behind every work of “Urban Myths”
About Francisco Bosoletti:
Francisco Bosoletti (b.1988) is an Argentinian painter and muralist born and raised in Armstrong, a small town the Santa Fe province in Argentina, where he currently lives and works.
Best known for his poetic and eclectic large-scale murals, Bosoletti started painting at an early age, eventually graduating from art school in 2010. As a result of constant research and experimentation, his work has developed a great deal during the past years, and going from his humble beginnings in his hometown to be invited to internationally renowned festivals like The Crystal Ship in Belgium, DesOrdes Creativas and the Italian festival Street Alps, just to mention some. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to catch up with Francisco and ask him a few questions about his background, life, work and projects.
Read our interview with him HERE.
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Author: Fran

Founder and editor of Urbanite. Street Art lover who after the finishing her MA thesis on the muralist movement in the 1920-50s, developed a fascination for street art and graffiti that eventually led to collaborations with different art blogs, including the creation of this one.