Perpetuam rei memoriam is the title of the work street artist Eron created in occasion of the Festivalfilosofia celebrating the 2,200 years since the foundation (183 BC) of Mutina.

Dedicated to Mutina Splendidissima and painted on the walls of the historic Palazzo Santa Chiara, the new piece recalls the monuments returned from the subsoil of the Roman city, developing in this way a deep reflection on the history of the building that was partly destroyed by the bombings of April 18 in 1945. The intervention was born on the most obvious “wound”, a halved wall, where he creates a “half-temple of peace” where the half of a large dove, a modern symbol of peace, the peace symbol on top and the hand with the peace sign on the right dominate the scene. Here are a few images of the work.

About the artist
The visual language of Eron, a pioneer when it comes to Italian graffiti, has evolved during the last years adopting a unique figurative style. His work addresses social issues in a way that has put him as one of the most interesting artists within the contemporary urban art scene today. He has painted and exhibited all around the world including: Chelsea Art Museum (New York), Venice Biennale, Horizon One Gallery – Museum of Modern Art (El Cairo), PAC (Milan), Civic Center Ozumba of Lagos Nigeria), Blue Project Foundation (Barcelona), MACRO (Rome), NuArt Festival (Norway), Hamlet Festival (Denmark), Palace of Exhibitions (Rome), Italian Cultural Institute (New York).

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